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A reminder to remember

Beminders™ are affirmative reminders  that encourage, motivate and inspire us and help us make it through the day. They begin with or contain the word Be  Be Happy, Be Yourself, Be Proud, Be Strong, I Will Be Me and more.

They are joined by one of their friends –  Woof, The Red Tongued Dog –  Bea, The Beminder Bee, and members of her family, – The Nerd –  or The Be In A Circle. In addition, some include complementary quotes. (Willie gets his own picture on his quote.)

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The Daily Beminder™  – On your laptop, tablet or smart device choose a Beminder to contemplate in a quiet moment of reflection.

behappybee    joyful

The Beminders  Store – purchase notecards and Tee shirts.

bh   Be Proud

Free Printable Beminders is where you’ll find pages that contain a selection of Beminders that can be printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

Color The Be™  is where you’ll find free online coloring pages with early life lessons for kids – Be Kind, Be Polite, Be Honest, etc. They can color while their parents help them learn.



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Original Nerd illustration by Micha Archer. © Micha Archer

Be in a circle design by Jeff Grader. © James Sullivan


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