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Welcome to the Beminders store

Beminders™ are encouraging and inspiring, life sustaining, reminders that begin with or include the word Be – Be Happy, Be Yourself, Be Proud, I Will Be Me, etc.

The Beminders store has Beminder note cards to send to others.

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The Beminder note cards are blank inside and come with a matching envelope and are printed on 80 lb. 100% recycled buttermilk stock. (Buttermilk is a warm buff shade, with random brown flecks.)

Beminder note cards can become long term reminders when they are framed. Either place the entire card or just the front panel of the card in a commonly available DIY 4 x 6 inch frame that can be hung on a wall or placed on a table or desk. Or, just cut off the front of the card and tape it on the door of your fridge.

Note cards are $3.89 each and include Free Shipping .

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